Newton 9-11 Memorial Committee Selects Design

Tuesday night at Newton City Hall, the design jury of the Newton 9-11 Memorial Committee, Inc. convened to select the final design for the memorial to the Newton residents killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  Mark Sangiolo, an architect and Upper Falls resident, submitted the winning design.

photo courtesy of Jordan Hember (

The selection of Sangiolo’s design followed presentations by him and three other architects: Susan Israel of studio2sustain and Anatol Zukerman, both of Newton, and Elena Kalman of Elena Kalman Architect, Stamford, Connecticut. The jury had time to question the architects, reflect on the designs, and listen to jurors’ commentary.

Among the most moving of the comments was provided by Newton fireman Jay Bourgeois, who participated in rescue operations at the World Trade Center site. Bourgeois explained that he was voting for Sangiolo’s design because it plainly referenced the day when thousands died. Fifty years hence, Bourgeois explained, no one will encounter Sangiolo’s monument and wonder what it represents. Continue reading “Newton 9-11 Memorial Committee Selects Design”

July 4th

Special thanks to Lois Charles and her aching knee tirelessly going around asking for donations from everybody waiting for the fireworks at Albermarle Field on July 4th.  We raised $466.00 toward our 9-11 Memorial.