Design and Text


The committee especially liked the symbolism of the memorial:

  • The two roman numeral “twins” represent the twin towers with their similarity and orientation to each other.
  • The 9 & 11 in roman numerals (IX & XI) are the same, from either direction.
  • The stone seating wall form represents the pentagon and the stones the walls are made out of represent the citizens of newton looking in to the monument.
  • The pattern change in the granite on the ground represents the compass flight path of flight 93.
  • Each element will be date stamped with the time and date of the attack. 4 date stamps total: Each granite Numeral will have a small date and time on it probably towards the base of the I; the flight path paving will have a time and date stamp in one of its pavers and the pentagon wall will have an inset block with the time and date of its attack.

For a pdf of the design, click here.


Mark Sangiolo RA
Sangiolo Associates
Architects/Landscape Architects
tel   617 272 5402

Design Competition

We solicited Pro Bono design work, including both Design and Construction documents services from Massachusetts Registered Architects and/or Massachusetts Registered Landscape Architects, with the following requirements:

Your submission must be emailed in pdf format on two 8.5″ x 11″ pages.  Include a ballpark estimate of construction cost.  Design the memorial to fit inside a 35′ diamater +/- site disturbance area including walks, planting, and other features associated with your design.

Design submissions were due, email date stamped, Tuesday July 1.

We received four wonderful and varied submissions.  The committee’s choice was a design by Mark Sangiolo (see here).  The other designs were:

Elena Kalman Presentation

Susan Israel Presentation

Anatol Zukerman Presentation

Memorial Text

Text for 3 granite steps leading to
memorial from Centre Street:


1st step:

September 11, 2001



Three terrorists leave the Park Inn in
Newton to board
American Airlines Flight 11 in Boston.


2nd step:


 Flight 11 crashes into the World Trade Center North Tower.



 United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the World Trade Center South Tower.



3rd step:


 American Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.



 South Tower collapses.


Text for thresholds of Pentagon

1st threshold, at end of walkway from Centre Street sidewalk:



United Flight 93 crashes in



 North Tower collapses.


END OF TIMELINE——————————————————————————-

2nd threshold, going clockwise:


I am proud that Newton citizens came together to build this memorial. Let us use it to remember those we lost on that devastating September day, and to remember all we must do every day to preserve Americas greatness.

Mayor Setti Warren, 9-11-12


3rd threshold

To live in hearts we leave behind

Is not to die.

Thomas Campbell,
Scottish poet, 1825


4th threshold, which is at end of pathway coming from HQ sidewalk


We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children.

President George W. Bush,


5th threshold:


More than 400 New York City fire, police, and emergency personnel died as they tried to save those in the Towers.


Text for 2 pedestals:


1st pedestal, the one nearer Centre Street:


On September 11, 2001, terrorist
attacks killed nearly 3,000 innocent men, women, and children. The people of
Newton, Massachusetts, have established this memorial as a place to remember the neighbors we lost and to honor those who served that day and thereafter.


2nd pedestal:




Mark Bavis, 31

Paige Farley-Hackel, 46

Nicholas Humber, 60

Aaron Jacobs, 27

Stuart Todd Meltzer, 32

Richard Barry Ross, 58

Rahma Salie, 28

Amy E. Toyen, 24